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Does the Army spouse get a monthly check out of his paycheck for household bills/ survival?

A few people keep telling me that a wife should get a check every this the BAH? They said that they were in a different branch of the military and they got a monthly check for expenses so that it would prevent the husband from not providing for his wife. Does this still exist?Does the Army spouse get a monthly check out of his paycheck for household bills/ survival?
Yes and No. If you are in the Army, a Soldier is required to give his dependents a portion of his BAH. This only applies in the absence of a court order or other written agreement and usually only comes into play when their are marital issues or deployments. The portion that is paid is a calculation based on the number of dependents. For more specifics, AR 608-99. If a Soldier is deployed or separated from spouse/dependents and is not providing any monetary support, the Soldier's Commander can counsel the Soldier and order him to pay. This is punitive and can be punishable under Article 15, UCMJ if the order is violated. This is also in the regulation. I couldn't tell you what the other branches do. This policy doesn't only apply to spouses. For instance, single Soldier with child deploys, leaves child with friend or family, they must provide at a minimum, the support amount outlined in the regulation (in absence of other agreement) to the guardian of the child.Does the Army spouse get a monthly check out of his paycheck for household bills/ survival?
The military pays all pays, housing allowance, BAS, any COLA and seperation pay to the military member..they will not issue a check to the spouse. If your active duty spouse is deployed, he can set up an allotment to an account to cover bills, be sure you have cash, etc. Or he can even arrange to have rent, major bills, etc taken out of his pay directly. If there have been problems with your spouse not being sure to provide for you and his family, you should contact his command immediately.
well sweety us army wives do not get a check of our own but when a soldier gets married he starts to get BAH AND BAS on his check to help support both of there need to get by .but if the soldier and his wife get in to a fight and he keeps money from her he cant legally the wife is suppose to go to her husbands commander and say something so they can make him give her money also if they are going through a dirvorse the military make the husband give the wife half of his BAH and BAS until the dirvorse is final i hope this helps u some
No. Why should the spouse be ';paid?'; It is the military member that is doing the work.

If the military member wants to arrange an allotment into a different account to the spouse, they can do that. But most just let the money go into a single checking account and the spouse has access to that.

If the spouse really wants money going directly to them, they will have to get a court order and present that to the finance office. That of course will require the spouse to prove to the judge that the military member is not providing.

((I personally think spouses have this crazy idea that they are entitled to stuff above and beyond what comes by being a spouse. They are not the one serving and I think money going directly to them would be unfair. ))
Nope. I have been married to my soldier for 12 years, he's been in the Army for 14 years, and I have never received a check from the Army. He works hard for that money, and the entire thing is deposited into his bank account. Our account is a joint account, so I have access to it, but the paycheck is in his name, as it should be. I find the suggestion comical-- I couldn't imagine MY job (non-military) providing my husband with a check to ensure he's taken care of.

If you are concerned your husband is not going to provide for you, I would think it is time to second-guess your marriage.
only if he gives her allowance. hah hah.

and i don't think any of the branches give the spouse a paycheck...perhaps the people that told you this had a sleazy recruiter who lied to spouses so they'd be happy to let their hubby join :) ';and he'll never have to deploy!';

but, you do get dependent pay (slightly higher paycheck than single folks) if you have spouse %26amp; children.

and spouses can sometimes get tuition assistance. i know there's a push now for the GI bill benefits to be able to be given to the spouse or children if the military member chooses to do so, not sure if/when that will become law.
It has always and will be the same.... regardless of branch.

Any and all money goes on a soldier's paycheck.. After that bank accounts, direct deposit, the credit union, who gets money and how it is spent is not an Army issue.

It is a marriage issue and something to be dealt with between a husband and wife.
The spouse does not get a monthly check from the government. The active duty member gets paid BAH w/dependent rate and BAS ($290) to help with monthly cost but that's pretty much it. It's up to that member to share that info with you and share that money.
Are you divorced or legally separated and he is not providing in accordance with the terms of the divorce decree or separation agreement? If yes, then there is a way to have his wages garnished and you would receive a monthly deposit.

If you're still married, then no.
A better question would be why is your husband not giving you money for household bills/survival? Additionally, what is preventing you from getting a job to supplement the income?
not in the army. BAH is basic allowance for housing. If he is eligible for it, that would all be included in his pay.
NO. Spouses do NOT GET PAID BY THE MILITARY. it is the servicemember's responsibility to see that their spouse has access to enough money to provide food and shelter.
Nope is not require, however your husband does get extra paid because your married, or family separation pay during deployment. I would recommed ask your husband set up like a automatic deposit to your account in certain amount of money.
The spouse does not get a check. BAH and BAS is added to his check. And the amount all depends on his rank and time in service.
If you want a check, then get a job and stop relying on your spouse to bring home his hard earned paycheck.
I'm paying for this??!!
You will get a certain percent of his paycheck every month. How much? Depends on his rank.

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  1. I think that bitch that commented on spouses shouldn't basically get shit should shut the fuck up because apparently your not a spouse or your a solider, after all the shit we go through we deserve everything they got.